Our guild is having a pin cushion swap at the next meeting.



I mined Pinterest for some pin cushion ideas, and I really like the mason jar approach I kept seeing.  I also wanted to share some of the Heather Ross fabric I got in the mail after I participated in her drawing challenge earlier this year.

I kept seeing cushions that used a single print on top of the jar, and no matter how I adjusted and moved and begged it to grow, the charm square I had just wouldn’t allow that bee girl to show up where I wanted her.  Then I slapped my forehead – I could cut up other squares and sew them around her.



It’s almost like she’s sitting in a little patch of strawberries.  And, if the recipient doesn’t like the jar, she can open it up, take out the cushion, and the little bee princess can hold pins without the jar!



I glued three magnets underneath the cushion to help gather loose pins when it’s time for cleanup.



I really hope whoever gets it likes it!