When I first saw Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung, I knew I had to have it.  I was dating an ecologist, and while I didn’t know the difference between a botanist and an ecologist (or that the ecologist I was dating would later become my husband), I could tell there was something special about them both.


I’ve made a larger quilt from this that sits in a drawer, all sandwiched and ready for some hand quilting – but that’s another story. I finished binding this baby quilt at a local quilting bee on Sunday.  I put it in the wash this morning, and I took it out of the dryer right before dinner – and right before the sunlight disappeared.



Such a cute little lizard.

Lauren and Jessi Jung, Botany Baby Quilt

And a frog!


I’m noticing that while the plants in this line are amazing, it’s the little animals – spiders and birds and frogs and lizards – snuck in here and there that really capture my attention.


I used some leftovers for the back.