My sewing needs a kick in the pants.  I’ve signed up for the Penny Sampler Class with Rachel at Stitched in Color, and I’m thrilled to have some structured sewing time over the next few months.

Step one?  Inspiration and some fabric gathering.  I’m pretty sure I know where I want to start in my stash, but it’s dark outside. And my fabric stack photos will be no fun if I take them without some sunlight.  And  I just got connected to all the camp class features (the blog and the flickr group), so I feel like I have to get started. right. now.


Rachel gave us some tips on gathering guiding images as we shape the color story for our quilts. As soon as I signed up for the class, I knew I wanted to do something with blues complimented by lighter peaches, corals, and maybe even a little pink.


Beyond some dark blue and peachy coral, it’s a little daunting.  I usually rely on the fabrics in any given line to dictate the color story of my (few) quilts. As I hone my skills in this class,  I’d really like my fabric choices to move beyond boring and expected and into something a little more adventurous… without looking like I was wearing crazypants when I made my fabric choices.

board3Lastly, as soon as I finish a quilt, I have this exciting urge to give it away.  I’ve only made a handful (maybe 8?), and they’ve been mostly baby quilts. I’d like to start a project with the intent to treasure it for some time.  I think the Penny Sampler will be a perfect quilt for that, so I’m eager to grab some of the pieces of fabric that made me want to start quilting in the first place.  I still have those pieces because I kept thinking that I needed to save them… precisely for this moment.

So there!  A little inspiration.  A few goals.  I’ve done a thorough clean of the sewing space, but I still have few projects to finish up before class begins in earnest at the end of August.  I’m excited to get focused. Penny Sampler, here I come!