I recently needed a baby shower gift, and since the mama-to-be is one of my favorite people in the world (and since she hadn’t decided on a theme or color for her nursery), I needed something hand made that wasn’t as big a project as a baby quilt – which I’ll work on once she picks some colors.


My sweetheart and I call these “quick strikes.”  I know there is a more official name for these, but we just made one up.   Instead of carrying a big diaper bag with us, we started to leave the diaper bag in the car and carry one of these pouches instead. With two diapers, some wipes, and a light changing mat, you’ve got everything you need for a quick trip to the mall or the grocery store.  We’d restock from the diaper bag in the car if we had multiple errands to run.


The thread is a light blue/turquoise and hard to see, but both the front and the back have some hand stitching. I’m new at this, so I didn’t want to take on too much. There’s just a little border on the front and some stars on the back. I used Aurifill in 28 wt, which worked well for me.

The little tag ended up a little bigger than I wanted, but it was my first try with adding a tag.  There’s a little fussy cut owl on one side, and I stamped the mama-to-be’s initials on the other.


Here are all the contents of quick strike pouch.


One side of the changing mat has the owls, and the other side has some soft flannel. I realize this won’t protect a sofa or bed against an “open air accident,” but I never use these at home. I use them when I’m out in public on a changing table, and I’d much rather have something that still keeps my baby off the changing table but can be tossed in the wash repeatedly.


And here it is packed up and ready to zip and go!


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