My confidence level isn’t all that high right now, but I’m comfortable with that. This Penny Sampler project is so much bigger than anything I’ve attempted, but I’m thrilled to have a sewing challenge.


That Amy Butler Memento fabric in the bottom right corner is my focal fabric. I saw it, loved it, had to have it, want a giant quilt of it. And now I realize that even though it’s the piece I love the most, it might be overwhelming to use it often since the print could compete with the other squares in the quilt. I might use it in the birds or on the kettle, but I’ve already decided against using big pieces of it.


Ah, the blues. I don’t have the variety of blues that I do in the other colors, but I want this to be very blue-dense. I’ve got an order in for several more solids and two small-scale prints that I think will round out this section nicely.



And the peaches and pinks.  I’m not sure about the yellow.  My original board had a kind of chartreuse, but I don’t have too much of that in my stash.  I think the yellow will offer a little variety if I need it.


I’ve started coloring my the sampler outline in Photoshop, but I’m pretty sure I’m just going to wing it and hope for the best.


When I first started quilting (not that long ago), I saw those Flea Market Fancy Eyelets EVERYWHERE.  I had to have some and picked up a fat quarter bundle of the reprint.  I know I came late to the party, but I’m excited to put them to use in this quilt.


Is there anything that sticks out like a sore thumb? Anything I should be sure to add? One search yielded something called Velocity, Building Sketch in Coral.  I’ve searched and searched and can’t find anymore of it, but I would have liked a smidge of that to include somewhere. I’ll keep looking…


It’s hard to see, but the whites in the bottom right corner are a mix of prints – white dots on white, white circles on white, maybe some sketch.

And that’s it for now!  I think I’ll set it aside and not tweak it anymore for now.  I’m curious what I’ll think when I come back to it in a week or so.