Pouch Swap and… what?  Strategic Update?  Who needs a strategy? Nobody even reads this blog!

Well, I that’s not entirely untrue, but it’s close – I’m not really a hot blog.  Or even a lukewarm one.  Nevertheless, in case anyone peeks in here, I feel that I should explain the current state of disarray.  

The main reason I started Ants to Sugar was to develop a pretty board (a la Pinterest) so I can flip back through my work and see the things I’ve made even when they’ve found new homes. I hadn’t planned on keeping a blog, but lately, I realize that I’d like to journal a bit on in-progress work.  It keeps me going.  It helps me see progress even when I throw that quilt top in a drawer to be quilted and bound (much) later. Or when I make new stacks before putting the old ones into a project. So, I’ve decided to reorganize this young, hardly-formed, blog and maintain a project portfolio along with some pics of what I’m currently working on in the blog.

This new plan will take some time to implement, but in the meantime, I’d like to get to what I love best about the internet: pictures.

Our guild has a pouch swap today, and I’m hoping my pouch passes muster.


It’s got two simple pockets inside, and one of them is divided to hold pencils, pens or a long seam ripper on one side and maybe some hexies on the other.


It’s about 10″ long, 10″ wide at the bottom and 12″ at the top.  I boxed the bottom to about 3.5″ so there’s plenty of room.  There’s also plenty of interfacing – some batting for the pieced back, fusible fleece on the lining and the framed birdie, and then I added some stiff fusible structure that I found in my stash; I can’t remember what it’s called.  This bag is both soft and strong, and hopefully perfect for someone’s hand sewing supplies!

That’s some Echino on the front, and the patchwork has some Kaffe Fasset, some Pezzy Prints, a smidge of Anna Maria Horner and Lizzy House, as well as a little of the unknown Kona from the front.


  1. Jenn H.

    ooh! I love it!!! And….if your partner does not love it I would happily, accidentally ( of course) let it fall into my bag on the way out the door 🙂

    1. Daisy

      Thanks, Sarah! I love that the penny sampler class has connected me to other quilters. It’s much more fun to work in a group – even if it’s a virtual one!

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