Oh, Rachel.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

I’m sure you’re a very nice person. I know you do. Good Things.  I know people love you dearly and think you’re awesome. Last night, I was not one of those people.

Little Village

This village nearly broke me.  Yes, I’m that weak, but in my defense, there are some little parts.  And you can’t robo this out (our word for mindless work around here… or when I’m eating popcorn in front of a movie and I get in this perpetual motion trance where I don’t realize I’m eating popcorn like a robot). So I cursed you… a little.

Little Village

But then, just like any good teacher who asks more of their students than their students think they can do, you helped me create something I’m proud of.  Something that I LOVE.

Little Village

I agonized over each color. I recut fabric multiple times because the numbers wouldn’t stay put in my head. I troubleshot a starch-makes-ironing-board-cover-bleed issue.  I had a few seams that are a little off, and I can tell my rooftops don’t lie exactly like the template says they should.  But I don’t care.  I’m so excited to put this block in my sampler.

Little Village

So thank you, Rachel.  I suppose I can go back to being one of those people who thinks you’re awesome. 😉



  1. Nicole

    Aren’t you glad you didn’t give up?!? The village looks great, Daisy! I love the colors you chose, especially the dark background against the lighter colored houses.

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