Rachel over at Stitched in Color and Pink Chalk Fabrics are hosting a mosaic contest with a Washed Earth theme.  My first thoughts were of subdued pinks, warm browns, and stony greys.

Stitched in Color Mosaic 1


Honestly, I’ve never been a pink girl. Not as a child, and certainly not as an adult. Sometime over the summer, peaches and corals and, yes, pinks started calling to me. The mix of pinks and browns makes me think of agates worn smooth on the beach. Or the glow on mountain rocks of the desert as the sun sets. Or the late season salmon runs as they press upstream, rushing to lay their eggs before fall.

I’m embracing this new appreciation for corals and pinks and adding them to my big fall projects. I had such a good time looking through Pink Chalk Fabrics’ selection of pinks that I might have to go ahead and place an order!


  1. Leigh

    It’s not that sticky-sweet bubblegum pink. It’s so much richer like rhubarb pie or cranberry compote. I love it!

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