Oh, I am woefully behind schedule.

I recently mentioned how I love that my modern quilt guild helps keep me sewing even when other things seem more pressing. (Yes, silly pun intended.)

My Penny Sampler class is the same.  Rachel has done a great job of structuring the class so the concepts build nicely. She’s also got a challenging, but doable, pace.  A trip to Norway to see family and a trip back to our old neighborhood in Montana have set me back considerably though;  I still think I can catch up, but it’s not going to be easy.

To keep me motivated, I’ve taken a little time to capture how far I’ve come.  My pictures were rushed (some a little crooked and overadjusted), but I’m eager to share.

Here are the latest three blocks:



And here’s the summary so far:

First Unit Blocks


My only regret, besides a few alignment mistakes and the dreadful revelation that the linen I’ve used in multiple blocks is likely to unravel after washing, is this clover.  I thought that there was enough contrast between that script print and the Charleston Farmhouse that’s in the clover, but when I back away from my design board, I don’t think it’s sufficient.  Too much redness.

My one Sampler regret (so far)

I may redo it, or I may leave it there as a reminder of the lesson I learned.  Sarah is big on leaving in mistakes as reminders of what we’ve learned, and I really like that perspective.  Given that the whole point of this sampler is to learn – and I’m certainly learning a lot! – I think it’s truly fitting that I keep going with this learning moment in place.  At least until I get caught up with all the other blocks, right?  😉

Here’s where I am in the sampler:

Penny Sampler Blocked

If you’d like to see more penny sampler blocks, there are tons in the Stitched in Color group, and those of us who are in the camp version of the class are also posting in the Penny Sampler Camp group.


  1. Sarah Schraw

    Ha ha, thanks for the shout out! I’m becoming known as the mistake-leaver-iner. 🙂

    I like the the clover, especially up close. Also, you’re definitely not too far behind. Knock out those cross blocks and you’ll feel much better. I haven’t done any of last week’s sewing yet.

  2. Kelly K

    I actually really like the clover block too! And I’m encouraged by your (and Sarah’s) admittance to not having done last week’s sewing yet…me neither! I’m hoping to take it to a friend’s house tomorrow and get some work done to catch up.

  3. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    I like Sarah’s perspective. My honest opinion is that the clover block looks very nice with the others. Yes, there is slightly less contrast, but I think that just gives that block a softer look, which may be a helpful thing given how detailed this project is! But, either way, it’s a small block to redo, so that’s nice!

  4. Nesta

    I really like the clover block and we surprised you wanted to change it. It really works with the others. If you don’t want it anymore, I’m here!

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