I just had to make another.

It’s Friday night (soon to be Saturday morning), and as I was considering what to do when we got home this evening, there was a little voice in my head whispering that I could justify combing through pictures of fabric by making one more mosaic.  Rachel said we could make two! So I am.  And I confess that I’m having to hold myself back from making more just for fun. So thank you Rachel and Pink Chalk Fabrics!

For the second mosaic, I thought about our mid-September trip to Missoula, MT. My husband and I lived there for the six years prior to our current home in North Carolina. As I walked through the my old neighborhood and visited my favorite restaurants, one big change I noticed were these beautiful bunches of grosso lavender (seems to bloom later than other lavender varieties) and russian sage.  Maybe a landscaping company has been pushing the lavender/sage route for the last few years or maybe I just didn’t notice them before. Either way, they made my heart smile.

mosaic008054e773da10e965ee5653482f0c0d8bdd3bd2Lavender in the top two images.  Russian Sage in the lower two images.

When I think about Washed Earth and the fall season, I do think about the leaves losing their color, but I also think about flowers making their final blooms. I think about gathering seeds from the cosmos and the coneflowers so I can scatter them out in the spring.  I think about drying hydrangea blooms, and, yes, lavender to enjoy a slightly faded bouquet indoors during the winter.

So this mosaic tries to capture some of that. I didn’t have the heart to include a lot of purples and lilac – with the exception of the Valorie Wells, many of the purples I found were just too loud for the moment I wanted to create.  But the soft floral blues and greens capture that last bit of life I feel remaining in the fall and embodies the rest of my thoughts on the Washed Earth theme.

Washed Earth Mosaic - 2


I read blogs sporadically, so I hadn’t seen Rachel’s mosaic contests before now.  I have a feeling it’s going to be something I do often – I’ve enjoyed getting to know other designers and fabric lines by looking for the perfect shade to match my vision of her theme.


  1. Michelle @ Squeek Crafts

    The mosaic contest are fabulous….I love them, it gives me the time to think about what has inspired me and how I can match it with the goal 🙂 Great job, my favorite try is also purple but yu can’t grow here in NC….they are at home and in California – Jacaranda tree.

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