I’ve been seven stitches away from completing this quilt for two months. I’ve had some motivational inertia to overcome. The outcome didn’t quite fit the plan, and while I knew I wanted to do more, I also wanted to move on. So those seven stitches – and the many more I knew I should do – sort of haunted me.


But I’m calling it. Yep. Done. There are other more exciting things on my plate, and this quilt has taught me a few lessons.

  • I hurried my machine quilting and greatly misjudged the angle of one line… which was not actually supposed to have any angle at all. I also need to learn more about quilting without a backing (I think).  Some of the batting poked through when I was quilting, and I was quilting without the back because I wanted the minky to be a little looser.  It was an experiment that I’ll likely try again. I really like the softness created by the loose minky back.  I’m a little nervous to quilt the minky too much.
  • I also experimented with improv piecing for the first time.  This quilt has been on my flickr favorites for some time.  I like the simplicity. I placed my focal block off-center and added some stripes below, and I think I’d like to mimic that quilt a little more closely next time I try.  OR, add a lot more improv to the mix.
  • And hand sewing… My local quilt bee friends were so sweet when I walked in and said, “Oh, I think I’ll do some hand quilting.” One gal is a master, and to her credit, she barely raised her eyebrows when I explained my, somewhat-lacking, plan.  She gently steered me in a better direction, and I plan to tap into her deep well of knowledge as I try to get better at my handwork.


There are plenty of other things I could point out (just so you know that I know it could be better), but I’ll leave it with the things I’ve already mentioned.  This is going to be a great snuggle quilt for my little boy, and I won’t cringe even a little if he decides he wants to take it camping or drag it around the yard.


Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday. I’m headed over there now to cheer on the other finishes.



  1. Sarah

    Ah! I totally feel ya on the lack of motivation.. but then once it finally does comes around the finish is all the sweeter, y’know? Beautiful work!

  2. Cindy

    It’s good to know that I am not alone. I need to finish up a quilt for a girlfriend and move on to other blocks that need to be completed- instead I have spent my weekend Procrastinating looking at blogs for inspiration.

    I think your quilt looks great. I love the fabric choices used.

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