I had to take my first version of this blog post down. Something didn’t feel right, and well, my attempts to be essay-like just don’t jive with the purpose of this blog project anyway.


I’m still finding my voice for my posts, and my sweetheart mentioned to me that the original version I put up just didn’t sound like “me.”

Ribbon Block

To help me out, we had a little brainstorming chat. He asked, “What was the purpose of your blog post tonight?”

Very long pause.

“We’ll, I just wanted to show off my blocks and say, ‘The text is aligned in this ribbon block. How awesome is THAT?'”

Ribbon Block

Sometimes it’s not important to have a directional print aligned – maybe the variation in orientation produces a specific, desired effect or maybe you don’t have enough fabric to make two sets of squares. I’ve never had to think about it before, and I wouldn’t of had a clue what to do if I hadn’t read some advice from Nicolette at DutchComfort. She made a comment on Flickr and said, “If you ever want to make a block like this with striped fabrics and HST, you can make it work in the same direction, by drawing the diagonal line on one piece of fabric to the left and on the other to the right.” So that’s what I did.

Ribbon Block

And it came together like magic! Not just the fabric orientation, but the square corners and ribbon points, too. (Though I’m not sure if I have enough space around my ribbon points to protect them from the seam allowance. I’ll figure that out later.)

Ribbon Block

So I guess that’s it for now. I’m sometimes pretty insecure about my piecing, but tonight, I’m feeling great.

The end.


  1. Sarah Schraw

    I’m sure your BFF took it in context of the other very kind comments you’ve made. 🙂 It’s a thought-provoking issue, actually- how much effort to put into aligning fabric. Sometimes I think it can be interesting and more “patchwork” looking if they don’t line up. But on the other hand lining them up emphasizes the piecing design.

  2. Virginia

    First time to comment of your blog…We know I am NO quilter (okay, I can barely sew on a button), but I think that piece is awesome:)!!

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