Today someone sent me an article on sewing in outer space.  Apparently Karen Nyberg, one of the astronauts currently in the International Space Station, has hand-pieced a quilt block.  Did you know this?  I really should watch the news more…

NASA is asking people to submit a star-themed quilt block to be combined with Karen Nyberg’s block.  The resulting quilt will be part of the exhibition to celebrate the International Quilt Festival’s 40 Anniversary.

The coolest part of that article on sewing in space was a reference to THIS article about sewing, technology, and cultural influences on gender roles.  Check it out… I know (virtually) of several male quilters who would probably agree that there is nothing inherently female about sewing.

And since I hate to post without a picture, take a look at my jagged star block-in-progress from Sunday’s Spoonflower class with Nicole of Mama Love Quilts.

Jagged Star #spoonflower


Maybe just star-themed enough for submission to NASA’s project?



  1. Michelle @ Squeek Crafts

    I love the scrappy look of your block. I love all the joel dewberry in there.

    I am almost finished my three blocks….spent some time, last night, on it. I am hoping to have a quilt top done by Friday 🙂

    See you Friday!!

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