I had grand plans to have a weekly Penny Patch Party, but all of my potential Penny Patch peeps have gotten too busy to participate.  But, I’m still going to get some sewing company out of it, as tonight my friend Hayley will be sewing up some Christmas stockings while I try to quickly sew up some patches.

I mentioned that to a certain someone in my household this morning, and he said, “Just what you need.  Another quilt project.”  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We’ve all heard it before. I’m moving forward anyway!

One of the main reasons he’s saying that is because I was frantically trying to get caught up on my Penny Sampler project while at the guild quilt retreat this weekend.  There are some photos on my Flickr feed of the various blocks I put together (Framed, Crossroads, Boxed In, Whirl), but I haven’t included a close up of my little Teapot till today. So here is it’s grand debut:


I learned exactly why there’s some hair pulling and cursing over paper piecing, but I really did enjoy the process.  Michelle from Factotum of Arts was a huge help with that. Her cheerleading helped me out a bunch when I was struggling with my spout at 1am on Saturday night. If you haven’t undertaken paper piecing before and plan to in the future, I highly recommend finding a cheerleader. One with expertise is even better.

So, there’s the Sampler that needs attention, but I also want to take advantage of all the community spirit happening around the Penny Patch quilt!  Here’s my fabric.  I’m hoping to get it cut before naptime ends, and then Hayley and I will have some community spirit of our own as she stitches up her stockings and me my penny squares.

I started by raiding my mom’s stash.  She had a yard of this Riley Blake chevron fabric that was meant for a crib sheet.  For what baby, I don’t know.  That baby is probably four now and out of a crib anyway, so I took her up on her offer to help her destash a little.

Riley Blake Chevron

I then added some larger scraps and random FQ’s from my own stash. I don’t have a concise plan for this; I’m just going to cut what I like and sew as I go, grabbing more and more till I have enough blocks to make up either a baby quilt or a throw.

Penny Patch Pile

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  1. Michele

    I love your fabric/color choices. I am working on this QAL as well but I haven’t acquired enough low volume fabrics. Apparently my stash needs some work! Good luck!

  2. Erin

    I love all the shades of Glimma, and I see a few little swatches in there!! I look forward to seeing this come together I think it’s going to be really cute. 🙂
    E xx

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