1. Remodel a bathroom
  2. Let your child get sick
  3. Paper piece a horse

The Penny Sampler Camp is officially done, and the days till project completion deadline are disappearing quickly.  Rachel offers a prize, or merit badge, for completion of the project within a month after class closes, and I still have paper piecing and assembly and a smidge of sketch stitching to finish.

The merit badge is a mystery, but I want it. I’m goal-oriented, and when there’s an incentive to go with a goal, let’s just say I’m unstoppable. It doesn’t matter what it is – it could be the prize at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box – but I want it.  (Aside: someone told me those Cracker Jack prizes are even less great now than when I was a kid.  Sadness.)

Anyway, I’m distracted.  I was working on my sampler, and my sweetheart said, “You should make something for the new bathroom.”

And I saw this Peeking Horse.

And there’s that old phrase, “Excuse me, I need to go see a man about a horse.”

Get it?


Well, that phrase may get uttered round this house from time to time, so I HAD to make one to hang on the wall over the commode.  I’m a little disappointed with my fabric choices – I want slightly more contrast in it the next time I make one.  Plus, I made a fabric choice oopsie that I’m calling a blaze on the top of my horse’s head.


Other than that, it’s done.  Now I can get back to the merit badge for the moment… and the bathroom remodel and my sick child.

horse-full(The selvedge will get covered by the matte in the frame, but I thought I’d show it for the moment – it’s a little silly, but I like the way it looks a little like the title of the art!)