I love getting home from a trip to find a package of fabric waiting at my door!

That’s what happened a few weeks ago after I won the Stitched in Color Washed Earth Mosaic contest. The good folks at Pink Chalk Fabrics packaged up fat quarters of the fabrics I selected and shipped them to my doorstep.

There are lots of contests out there.  There are lots of ways to win things. Without wanting to sound too much like a Stitched in Color groupie, I want to note that I really like the mosaic contest. I often cruise through online stores and dream about fabric, but the mosaic contests are a fun way to cruise with a purpose.  It’s a design theory exercise.  A small problem to solve. A little like jumping jacks for your brain to connect a thought, image, or feeling with color, scale, and pattern.

Washed Earth Mosaic Prize

And sometimes there are prizes.  SO… Thanks, Rachel and Pink Chalk Fabrics!

I can’t open this stack today… or tomorrow… but as soon as my current Christmas quilt to-do list is complete, you’ll see them again.

Linking up with Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash!


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