I joined a bee!

Why is this news? Well… it’s my first one.

I’m eager to make a good impression, and I’m excited at the thought of contributing to some small child’s happiness though do. Good Stitches.

The color scheme for November is teal, lime, plum, and gray. Eeek! I had to scramble to find three out of those four colors. I managed to get it all out of my stash or scraps though.

Stack for November do. Good Stitches

The blocks for November are improv stripped geese. These are the first four I made up, and I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow.

November Bee Blocks

These last two were made up with the leftover pieces. I considered sending them in, but I made a few small mistakes. If there’s a call for more blocks, I’ll put them in an envelope. If not, I may plan to make one extra block each month and create a quilt at the end of the year to remind me of my first bee experience.


Either way, I really enjoyed my first month!

November Bee Blocks

On a non-sewing related note, the harder I try to take good pictures, the worse they get. It makes me sad to say it, but I may have to go back to taking pictures on my phone! Currently reading Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson; hopefully my understanding increases without taking too much time away from my sewing machine.


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