How can one little teacup take soooooo long to complete?


This one’s going faster, but a bowl of ice cream and The Voice were calling my name.

Teacups in progress


And the dogwoods… Oh that sketch stitching!  It was soothing after the intense focus required by the teacups, but I need to pick up the pace.

Dogwood blocks

There are sixteen more of these guys, but I still have to go slowly to get the stitching where I want it.

Dogwood detail

Dogwood detail

I’m glad they made it from the WIP bin back to the machine. I like them more than I remembered!

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  1. Kim

    I love your teacup!! So many tiny pieces, yay for paper piecing!
    The stitching on your dogwoods is beautiful. Don’t put that on the back burner- it’s too pretty 🙂

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