Penny Patch quilt top is complete! I was only aiming for a baby blanket, but I must have gone overboard with my cutting.
Penny Patch top complete
Part of the extra size happened because I wanted to use up all the fabric I cut. I had several small blocks leftover that I sewed into four-squares to mix with Penny Patches, and I still have several of the large squares leftover. My orange/turquoise theme is less bright than most of the other (fantastic) ones out there, and there is something drab and dreary about mine.
Penny Patch
Somehow, not being “in love” with the colors on this quilt made me that much more motivated to just get it done – isn’t that weird? But, now that the top’s done, I’m getting excited to quilt it. So maybe there’s hope for loving this one in a little while…


  1. Sarah Schraw

    Ugg, I’ve definitely had that lost love feeling. But there’s a reason you liked these colors at the start so maybe you’ll fall back in love when the hard work is over!

  2. Erin

    Oh no!! I don’t think yours is drab or dreary at all!!!! I love the muted tones you have. It is a more grown up, refined palate that you’ve used. Honestly, if you don’t want it, it can live at my house. The yummy mix of blue and dark purple and the pop of orange. I really, really do like it!!!
    E xx

  3. hydeeann

    yours is gentle, but I wouldn’t say drab or dreary! all those fun modern prints are fun to look at and will provide entertainment when you’re snuggled up with the finished quilt examining them.

    I’ve fallen in and out with mine, too. nailing the color mix on this quilt was a huge challenge for me. I felt like I ended up less “bright” than I wanted. but it is what it is. =) looking forward to quilting and finishing up also. I already have another color palette I want to try that should be brighter.

  4. Jamie

    I like the colors you chose for this, it’s refined and calm, but I wouldn’t say drab or dreary! I think we’ve all been there with a top we don’t really love. Truthfully I probably only have 1 in ten I really like. Quilting is so subjective and emotional. Good luck with the quilting. Oh, and I like how the diagonals go different ways. It adds a lot if movement to the top.

  5. Heinchen

    I like your fabric especially Glimma, which I have at home for another project 😉 The red circles are also lovely , als well as so many others ..
    Once all the work is done you’ll love with what you’ve come up!

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