I have a long post in my mind about my stash and my quilting goals and connecting the dots between the two, but I spent most of my energy on more dogwood blocks tonight… And it’s almost midnight and I’m tired and there aren’t enough hours and my brain can only think in very fast run-on sentences these days, so for all of those reasons and more, I probably shouldn’t attempt a personal manifesto.

Instead, I’ll share my new FQ bundle of V and Co.’s Simply Style from Craftsy. I bought the bundle with the intent to break it apart and put it with my rainbow-organized fat quarters, but I might leave it whole for a bit. I’ve got some geese on my mind, and I may want to keep the line together.


Also from Craftsy, two one-yard cuts of Kaffe Fasset Millefiore in Red.


I love adding to my stash. I like having options at my fingertips when I impulsively start a project, and I enjoy collecting fabric as much as I enjoy using it; some people have stamps, some people have Jimmy Choos, and some people have shelves of fabric.

Here’s the thing though. My sweetheart and I are constantly resisting our hoarding mentality. Since our last move, we purge and shed and create post after post on Craigslist in an attempt to lighten our load and help us focus on the belongings we really enjoy.  We moved a mountain of stuff across the country, and learned that after a while, the convenience of having something on hand is drowned out by the clutter and confusion and hassle of having to keep a bunch of stuff.  It truly does begin to own you.

So I guess that’s my little mini-manifesto for the night.  While there will be no fabric “dieting” here, I want my stash to work for me, and not the other way around. I need a better plan. I need a clearer philosophy. And I need to get organized. More on that coming soon (and hopefully without so many run-on sentences).

I’ll finish this post with the recent installment of dogwoods, complete with annoying Instagram filter to hide the terrible photography from the 11 o’clock hour tonight.

More dogwoods


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  1. Sarah Schraw

    I can’t remember if you were around for the stash sharing linky party earlier this year. If not, email me and I’ll send you the link. I learned a lot from it!

    1. Daisy

      I haven’t! Please send! I should have mentioned that my thoughts emerged after looking at all the fabric sales this weekend and feeling lost. I didn’t buy a thing! I may find something later today or I may end up skipping this round of sales. I would love to see what I can learn from your link!

  2. Kristel

    Great looking blocks!

    I am going to (try) to fabric fast for the first half of next year, but I won’t rehash all my reasons here (especially since I haven’t finished hashing them all out!). I’ve always felt that no one should feel guilty or unhappy or whatever about the way they craft (or the way they stash for their crafting), so long as they’re not hurting anyone with their choices. I know some people who keep a stash that would fit in a laundry basket and some people with enough stash to run their own small store and a lot of people somewhere in between and I think in the end it all comes down to what works best for each individual crafter. Like you, I don’t like the way all my STUFF seems to weigh down on me (I’ve been working on purging various different things from my living space, though I’ve not tackled the sewing room yet!), but it’s hard to work out how to deal with it. I’m hoping that the fabric fast will make me consider the things I do have, rather than always using something new. We’ll see how it goes, though!

  3. Molli Sparkles

    Daisy, this is a great collection to be stashing! Your thoughts reminded me of Amy at BadSkirt’s mantra for the year, “Curate.” I’ve been trying to do the same and only allow my self the fabrics that speak to me. Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you around in 2014!

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