It’s all about the Penny Sampler here these days. I’m eager to finish by Saturday!


These diamonds seemed so intimidating. I never should’ve waited this long; they sewed up so quickly!


Three of the diamonds are peach and coral solids, but I also included a white circle on white and this little bit of Kaffe Fassett.


And there’s a long churn dash…


Finally, the flower pot. I’m trying out some fabric for the framing strips on top and bottom. None of these are striking my fancy. Might have to reach for something that’s not blue.

Both the flower pot and the diamonds need a little more work. I’ve got one half a dala horse completed (and another left to start), as well as one tea cup that needs a handle and a base. I’ve started piecing some sections, but my deadline for this top is – gasp!- tonight. Piece today, tie tomorrow, bind on Friday, and photograph on Saturday? Maybe?

Yeah… I think I’m crazypants, too.

Linking with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.


  1. Ella

    Love your flower pot and the geometrics you’ve got going on. I can’t wait to see the finish. I’m still slowly plugging away at mine, kind of wishing I’d tied it…maybe.

  2. Sarah Schraw

    Oooh! Lookin’ good! Keep it up but don’t kill yourself. If it’s not fun anymore just relax. Maybe another good quilt friend will send you a prize for finishing late. 😉

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