Still working on the Penny Sampler

Right-looking Horse

I finished this Dala Horse.


And I finally finished this Teacup.

Horse Arrangement 1

As I assembled my top, I realized I’d made some questionable fabric choices for neighboring blocks. For instance, if I’d been paying attention, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this background for the left-looking Dala Horse because it’s next to the Jewel block that already used that solid.

Horse Arrangement 2

In some cases, I could swap things around a little, but in this spot, I didn’t like the right-looking Dala Horse next to Jewel. It didn’t feel right to me.

I confess, I just went on with the left-looking horse and it’s solid blue background. It doesn’t seem to lessen the effect too much, and I’ll be happier with a finished quilt than with a quilt that never got finished because I had to go back and remake one more block… and another block… and another…

Small Frames

I had some fun discoveries while I was piecing the top together. Little mini compositions popped out as promising future projects. I really liked this combination of Crossroads with the Penny Squares.


It’s dark. It’s late. But there’s definitely progress.


I’m not done yet, but I need some sleep. Deadline’s tomorrow (hopefully at the end of the day?), and I’m oh so close!


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