Yep. Stick a fork in it. My Penny Sampler is done!


I’m posting pictures first, and then a long-winded review of the class at the end.  Feel free to skip out whenever you’re full.



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I registered for the Penny Sampler Class with Rachel Hauser at Stitched in Color back in July. I’d been craving some basic sewing instruction because I know that I have some bad habits from my “figure it out as I go” approach.

Not only did Rachel deliver, she exceeded my expectations.  I’m a much better quilter now, and, well, I kinda like my Penny Sampler Quilt, too. 😉

(Full disclosure: I may be one of the few people who didn’t take the class for the Sampler.  I took it for the instruction because I wasn’t wild about the sampler, but I LOVE my sampler now!)

The habit I needed the most help with – but didn’t know it – was what I’ll call my Depression/Recession habit. As in the Great Depression. Or the 2008 Recession. It’s the “I just might not have enough at the end” habit. It’s not cutting off 1/16″ along the edge of pieces just in case I make a mistake somewhere and need extra fabric to compensate. It’s not trimming the block I’m working on because I’m worried I might make seam allowance mistakes in future blocks and end up with something too small. It’s a legitimate concern – you can’t really add fabric.  But at some point, I became a little excessive in trying to make sure I’d have enough to make my pieces fit in the end.

That’s changed.  I trust myself now. I know the difference between a true 1/4″ seam, a scant 1/4″ seam, and whatever Depression era seam was I was sewing before I met Rachel and the Sampler. When instructions say to trim my block, I trim my block. I cut to size.  I pick the correct seam type and sew it with confidence because I’ve repeatedly tested myself on fabric and graph paper and paper piecing newsprint.  The Sampler had LOTS of opportunities to test me.  Lots.

I couldn’t believe it when all of the pieces came together perfectly at the end. It was magic how there was no easing. It just fit!

I regret that I can’t compare the class to a Craftsy, or any other, online sewing class.  I will say that the format left nothing to be desired, and the Camp experience was fantastic.  The sense of community around the class really helped me stay focused and not get discouraged.  And I have new friends to take away along with my new sewing confidence!

So, a big thumbs up for the class.  If anyone is considering a Stitched in Color class in the future and stumbles upon this review with some questions, don’t hesitate to message me.



  1. cindy

    Love seeing the extra pics. Your sampler turned out so nice and its good to hear you actually like it. Its a great feeling to like a quilt you spent so much time on!
    It looks like you quilted around blocks but I can’t tell exactly. That’s one of the challenges I see with a sampler is how to quilt the darn thing! I’m thinking I’m going to have a long-armer just do an all-over. No decisions to make with that. 🙂

  2. Jasmine

    This quilt is gorgeous. I also loved reading everything you had to say about your learning experience. (Definitely worth reading to the end.). Congrats on your finish.

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