I’ve created a loose sewing plan for 2014.

Each month, I have two bee commitments – Stash Bee and the charity bee called do. Good stitches. I’m signing up for the Sugar Block Club and trying out the Sew Kitschy BOM. That’s around five blocks a month (two for do. Good) with some good opportunities to meet people and “hang out” with online quilting friends.


imageQuiet Play

I’m also setting a finish per month goal. I have a rough schedule for the quilts in this mosaic, but I won’t be keeping them in strict order and might allow substitution if inspiration strikes elsewhere.

2014 Project Mosaic

Each month though, I will be strict about the finish.

I’m comfortable with the mix of wall hangings and throw/bed quilts on my list, though that Gypsy Wife and all of its pieces and planning has me a little nervous. That’s good. The Penny Sampler required new techniques and brain-stretching planning and stick-to-itiveness. I’d like to try another challenge like that next year. Just one though.

And then there’s shopping. I need yardage for the Shoeman’s Puzzle. I’m considering pairing a solid with this from Amy Butler’s organic Alchemy line.


The other projects will come from my stash, but I’m noticing that I’m a little short in blues and yellows – it’s like they got lonely when I wasn’t looking and merged into my overflowing green stash. I’m also short on neutral low volume, and I’d like a little more for the geese and the fat crosses (pluses?). AMH’s True Colors is on my list – maybe on sale if I can time it right? And organic. I don’t know what I want to do about shopping for organic fabric though it weighs heavily on my mind as I cruise the fabric websites. Seems expensive to switch entirely, but I certainly prioritize my food choices based on organic options…

I’m curious about how other people organize their sewing and shopping goals. I’ve seen a lot of (really long) quilt name lists for 2014, but I’m liking the idea of a mosaic to gaze at when I’m slowing down and need inspiration. If you’ve popped onto my blog today, I’d love to hear how you stay motivated and inspired!

[I appreciate your patience while I get those social media links worked out on the left. I like being able to follow a blog with a single click, so I want to be sure I do that for you all, too!]


  1. Michelle @ Squeek Crafts

    Mine looks kind of similar however all of them are existing WiPs, I will post soon. Looks like we will need plenty of sew ins and that bee every month :-). I have lots of yellows and blues, and should have plenty of left overs from the riley blake challenge. When you are over in Cary next week, if you have time you can take a look.

  2. Ella

    I’m a big fan (perhaps rather OCD even) of lists. I’ve loved joining up with the FAL (moving to thelittlestthistle’s in 2014) and the ALYOF over on fiberofallsorts and sewbittersweetdesigns. If you’re looking for a cheerleader, I’m happy to offer services!

  3. Cindy

    This looks like a great plan that should keep you busy. I am going to continue working away at my list. It is my hope that I end next year with few projects in process than I currently have.

  4. Diana

    My quilting goal is to never have more than three quilts in progress. All quilts must be finished within 6 months of their start. I have to be rigid with myself and I love that I never feel overwhelmed by my UFOs, which is never more than three.

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