I should’ve known better than to think I could get pictures after gifting this quilt today.


Since I spent Christmas with my in-laws, I wrapped this quilt and had it waiting for my niece today.


Things came up, and through no fault of her own (she IS a baby), she’ll be “opening” it without me.

Quilted and bound. Next stop: washer.

This is only a post-finish pre-wash picture, but I’m eager to share before it’s officially 2014. Maybe I can get more pics on my next visit…

Happy New Year, everyone!

Quilt Stats:
Front: Kona solids and Monaluna Circa 52 Starburst in Sun
Back (not shown): Sheep flannel in yellow pieced with solid blue flannel
Straight line quilted with a silver 50wt Aurifil thread.
Inspiration: Hot Spot Quilt from Modern Minimal by Alyssa Haight Carlton*

Happy New Year, everyone!

If there’s a Finish it Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts, I’ll be there.

Oh, and I’m trying to figure out this Bloglovin business. Does anyone use it? How does it compare with Feedly?


*Not an affiliate link.  Amazon just seems like the easiest place to point when referencing a book. 


  1. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    Oh I just love how you set that a little wonky! And I always am a fan of not pink for girls – if only my own girls could get on board ; ) I follow you on BL’ – haven’t used Feedly but I find Bloglovin’ pretty easy peasy.

    1. Daisy

      Thanks, Sarah! I didn’t mention it, but my sister hates pink and my niece’s name means “blue.” I asked my sister what specific kind of blue, and I happened to have this quilt top folded in my arms. She said, oh that’s the blue, pointing at the border. I decided the quilt had to be hers then!

  2. Susan @TheBoredZombie.com

    Ohhhhhh Nice! That is right in my wheelhouse, I love it!

    (I figured out the email thing today – it was a bit more involved than I thought but totally do-able. I’ll post the code when I’m feeling a bit better)

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