Tis the season for giving, right?

Okay, I’m a little behind schedule, but lucky for me, I have awesome friends who are patient when it comes to Christmas presents.  They requested Charley Harper pillows.  I’ve never made a pillow. I suppose these wall hangings could easily become pillows if I get courageous, but for now, I plan to quilt and bind them.  But they did ask for pillows.  And I shouldn’t run away from something new – right?

My internal debate might take me a while… Any suggestions?





I haven’t had an improv class before, so I just sort of made up my own process – isn’t that what improv is about anyway?


On another note, I tried to hug an iron night before last.  Not a great idea. The first picture is an hour after.  The second picture is from tonight.

Me vs. ironMe vs Iron: two days later










Be safe out there folks. Sewing can be dangerous!


Update: There’s a linky party over at Lily’s Quilts.  One is for what I’m working on, and the other is for baby bloggers like me (those of us who don’t have many followers)!  I signed up for both, and since I’m a play-by-the-rules kind of girl, I wanted to come back and post her link here.


  1. Erin

    Ouch!! That looks like a nasty burn.
    Btw the blocks look really lovely. Quilt them (to give them structure) and then do a simple envelope back. I promise it’s really easy. And you’ll have learnt something and stepped out of your comfort zone and you’ll be proud of yourself 🙂
    Or add them all together, because your design wall looks like it would be an amazing quilt.
    E xx

  2. Ella

    Ow. Ow. Ow. I feel ya. Once ironed my tummy. Note to self, don’t lean into the board when your shirt is too short. Love the pillows to be. I second the envelope backing.

  3. Wendy Ramos

    Ouch! That’s totally something I would do. No more love for that iron!

    I think those wall hangings would make awesome pillows. I used this tutorial at sew mama sew from a Jaybird quilts to make my first pillow – http://www.sewmamasew.com/2011/02/how-to-make-a-basic-pillow-how-to-finish-a-pillow-with-binding/. I’m so glad you’re in for Gypsy Wife! Which one did you order? I ordered Intense. I think this project can be totally doable as a BOM, and I really hope they get enough people to sign up to make it a go. And the Sugar Block – when she said something about wanting to be a servant in her introductory post I suspected what road she was going down, but I didn’t know it would be so over the top.

    Oh, and if you don’t go the pillow route – I also agree with Michelle – your design wall looks like a pretty cool quilt!

    Thanks for the cheerleading on the Penny Sampler – I really appreciate it! I’m going to do the flying triangle trees tomorrow and get myself moving.

  4. Catrin

    Your panels are absolutely beautiful x Your burn, however, is not!

    You really should bite the bullet and go girl an envelope back cushion (pillow) it’s so easy and you’ll be glad that you did in the end x

  5. Carole

    Hello! I followed your link from Lily’s Quilts. The name of your blog really caught my eye, and so does the fabric in this post! I’m glad I stopped by. I’ll be back again. Your work looks beautiful.
    Carole, from Canada

  6. Sarah Schraw

    Ooooh that burn! Ouch!!

    Pillows are not hard I promise. Rachel’s tutorial from the penny sampler pillow makes it so easy. You should try it!!! You’re a great sewist you’ll do great!!!!

  7. Liz

    I’m loving these fabrics and what you’ve done with them!  I hadn’t heard of Charley Harper, but I must try to get some of those fabrics!

    And your burn looks like it was very painful.  I had a bad burn from stupidly picking up the metal grate on a gas burner I had just turned off – while distracted by some children who were visiting.  Their dad was a former chef and he had  me soak my hand in water with ice cubes (said they always soaked their entire arms in ice water baths when burned with hot grease, etc.).  My hand hurt terribly.  AFter soaking in the cold water for about 15 minutes I dried it and slathered on organic coconut oil while my friend ran home to get a miraculous naturopathic ointment.  I applied it a few times and was amazed at how quickly it healed.  Never got to that angry looking blister stage like you’ve pictured here.  I’ll go look up the name of the stuff….

    Spring Wind burn creme.. Ingredients are things like sesame oil, rhubarb, etc.   I literally purchased 40 jars online and gave them to tons of friends and family for Christmas that year.  I’ve had a few people let me know how well it worked for them. (I have no connection with the company, but seeing the photos of your burns inspired me to share.)

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