This month my do. Good Stitches circle is sewing cool-colored courthouse step blocks.

Is it possible to get kicked out of a charity bee for bad blocks?

Green Steps 1

I struggled a little with finding enough greens in my stash that would be very different in value.  I kept discovering fabric I wanted to use, but I felt like they were too middle-of-the-road to be helpful in this block. The steps disappear if you don’t have enough difference in the lightness and darkness of the fabric.

Green Steps 2

Then under the hood (or on the back)… they’re… well… I may have had some trouble with my seams when I switched from my machine to my mom’s. I won’t get back to my machine till this trip is over, and I just got fed up with my struggles and pressed on to the finish.

Green Steps 3

I know Berninas are supposed to be great, but I’m convinced my mom’s machine gives me the evil eye when my back is turned. Maybe when it’s not turned, too.

Green Steps 4

I finally tossed the foot with the 1/4″ guide aside and refused my mom’s suggestion to put her other quarter foot on. I felt like part of my problem might have been how the fabric moved over the feed dogs – or didn’t move over them. I used a wider foot and moved my needle till I found a good 1/4.” The problem seemed to be solved, but I neglected to see just how far back my issues went till it felt much too late to unpick and start over at the beginning.

Apples and Steps

I’ll sit on these for a few days. They’re not due till the end of the month, and maybe I’ll have better luck with blue or purple. Green hasn’t been easy…

Apples and Steps

But I sure do like them from the front!

Linking with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.



  1. Nicole

    Daisy, they look great! Green isn’t an easy color to work with. Whenever I try, I end up sneaking in some blue to help it out!

  2. Erin

    I have a poor collection of green so I can definitely sympathise. They look very pretty, so I think you’ve done brilliantly. Much issues suck. Takes all the fun out of it, but you found a solution, so you should be proud of yourself.
    E xx

    1. Lorna McMahon

      Your green steps are a welcome sight to these ‘tired of seeing the snow’ eyes of mine! They drew me in from Freshly Pieced! Your pictures are gorgeous!

  3. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Oh, I like them! I think you have a lovely blend of fabrics there! And, gosh, what pretty pictures too. As long as you feel the blocks are sound, send them in! Once or twice I had to remake blocks and I sent in the originals too (if they turn out small or something like that). Usually the quilter will find a way to use them =)

    Thanks for your comment today and other days on my blog, Daisy. You are the sweetest soul. I have your camper gift all sorted out in my head, but only halfway done in real life. Thanks for being patient with me!

  4. Liane

    I think they are cute! I have the same problem with my mom’s pfaff…I think it just KNOWS I’m not Mom, and it acts up when I use it – I have a whole quilt of not-quite-matched half square triangles I started on her machine.

  5. Alethea Ballard

    These blocks look really great! I know they’re fussy to make and the seam allowance really makes a big difference when you make a block with that many pieces.
    I don’t want to be a picky person but I find that I REALLYrefer my own machine!
    I’m enjoying your blog posts.

  6. ara jane

    oh no! i’m so sorry you had problems with this block, daisy. you know, i had a hard time with mine, too, because i’m terrible with seam allowances. i just made sure that the last round was at least wide enough so i could trim down to the right size. but honestly, these look great to me, so if you want to send them in i would love to have them along with your re-do blocks, which are equally lovely. (i was actually looking for a tutorial to link to when i was planning this block and saw some paper-piecing ones, but thought that might drive people crazy. still, i’m glad it worked out for you!)

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