Wow! Pillows are fun. I don’t know why I questioned whether to make one.

Charley Pillow Front

I also love that I have a blog. And that people look at it every now and then. And that one of those people said, “I think those wall hangings would make awesome pillows. I used this tutorial at sew mama sew from Jaybird quilts to make my first pillow. ”  Thanks, Wendy!

Charley Pillow Back

My friends who requested pillows now, actually, want wall hangings, but I couldn’t turn away from a challenge. Turns out, it wasn’t much of a challenge thanks to Julie Herman and her lovely tutorial.

Charley Harper Pillow

There’s also a pillow tutorial in my recently acquired Penny Sampler eBook.  Oops! Thanks for that reminder, Sarah! Isn’t it great how many resources are out there to help us sew more and achieve our goals?!?!

I love this community.

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  1. Liane

    I just made that pillow from the Penny Sampler E-Book for my Mom for Christmas – it really comes out nice! I love that Charlie Harper fabric! So cute! There’s nothing like a throw pillow for brightening up a room!

  2. Erin

    Oh I love this pillow! I thought you were making the. To give away. Now that you’re keeping him I love him even more 🙂
    Thanks for linking up!
    E xx

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