So, yesterday I posted about a shopping experience that left me feeling a little glum.  The recap: I bought fabric from an Etsy store and found out that more than half of my items were 25% cheaper on their stand alone website.

Many of you provided insightful comments.  Though it wasn’t left on my blog, I found this comment particularly helpful:

“They can do whatever they want within the parameters of Etsy and of their own online shop. It can suck and you can feel silly, but really, it’s their call what to charge, and your call if you want to pay whatever price is being asked.”

That person was exactly right.  I felt silly. And I don’t want to feel that way when I shop.

Each exchange since I first contacted the retailer has included a tiny lecture on how I should have known that fabrics would be marked down on their website and not in their Etsy shop.  Maybe so. But I didn’t.  The bummer of it all is that I keep toying with the idea of switching entirely to organic.  I really want to like this organic-only retailer.*

BUT! There are plenty of places to shop, and there are other happier things I want to think about!!


Clockwise from top left: a few fat quarters from Kate Spain’s Fandango, Liberty of London Stile, Bonnie and Camille’s Bliss, and more Liberty Stile.

In the past, I bought a few lines in bundles, and I’ve realized that the leftovers don’t fit easily into my stash. I’ve got a couple of fat quarters from Kate Spain’s Fandango, Bonnie and Camile’s Bliss, and Liberty of London’s Stile lines. Do these interest anyone?  Maybe a trade? Maybe a giveaway? I’m leaning toward a giveaway.  I really like you all. You don’t make me feel silly.


I LOVED this print in blue. These guys are my favorites, but maybe you can put them to work sooner than I can?

And does anyone want a paper piecing template for a log cabin block? I had such trouble with these before, and someone suggested machine paper piecing. I thought, “Great! Where’s the template?”


I couldn’t find a template I liked, so I made one. I still need to write up instructions on how to print and piece the two pages together, but that shouldn’t take long.  There will be no tutorial! There are so many fantastic paper piecing tutorials out there, and I’m still quite the novice.

So enough complaining from me!  Fun things ahead!

*There are, of course, more details in this shopping experience, but I really don’t want to get bogged down in them. I long for a simpler shopping experience, and I plan to write loving posts about other retailers in the future where I name names and sing praises and we all feel like the retailers and customers can live happily every after. 🙂


  1. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    I think I’m in your Stile boat – I ordered a huge FQ set from Westwood Acres months ago, but I probably won’t use some of the wilder colors like your pull. The two you have there are in my “what color do I even group these with??” pile after my stash organizing this week : P

  2. Susan

    I call BS! They have every right to do whatever they want – but it doesn’t mean it is good business or a great way to treat your customers! I would never expect a retailer to charge me different prices on different platforms – 25%, that’s huge! They should bend over backwards to make it right. You’re right – there are tons of other retailers out there and probably some that will respect your business more than this one did.

    Happy thoughts! I love what you have here. One of these days I’m going to learn how to work in really rich and busy prints. Right after I finish everything else on the list! 🙂

  3. Julie

    Yes please to a log cabin template – mine are terrible. I have never seen those Stile fabrics before – very rich colours. I love the Fandango – don’t know what I could trade though. It’s expensive getting fabric to NZ.

  4. SarahZ

    this is my first visit to your site…by way of Stitched in Color. and you have stacks of fabric to give away?!! 🙂 If none of your “regulars” have spoken for the Bonnie and Camille stack, or singles, please feel free to email me! How sweet!

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