It’s been a day where nothing seemed go to perfectly, but everything still seemed perfect.

I’ve been trying to capture the moments of the day that would explain that, and I can’t. And my computer time is almost up.  I’m hunkered at the laptop waiting for my little one to sleep so I can get back to the Stash Bee block I started earlier today.


I’ll be linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday, and I’m almost embarrassed to say that my work-in-progress isn’t a quilt or a bag or a project of any kind – it’s just a block!


But that’s fine. It’s just one of those days, and I think I  hear some snoring… Back to the machine!

By the way, if you’re interested in a quick way to make flying geese, I was REALLY surprised how well this tutorial over at Bev’s Quilting Page worked.  It looked like bad origami scrapbooking at the start. Then… magic.


  1. Susan

    Ohhhh! I love those colors. I was trying to get my kid to buy lemon fabric for her new quilt, but she just wasn’t having it. Decided she wanted some crazy pink cheetah print instead. Who am I to judge, right?

    Thanks for the link! I’ve got to make somewhere around a billion geese fora project in a few months. Could be useful. 🙂

  2. Erica

    The fabric combination in your block looks terrific. And yes indeed, that is the slickest way I have found to make flying geese – great technique!

  3. Sara

    I adore your space by the window..makes me want to rearrange my sewing space! I don’t know why either– since I have other important things to do! Or relax before my little girl arrives next month! lol

    The yellow with the black is brilliantly done!!

  4. Sara

    Looks great! I have had that lemon fabric for a a while and never really knew what to do with it! It’s works! This block is my WIP for the week too. I think the scant 1/4″ through me off though and ended up trimming when I shouldn’t have! May have to try this one again!

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