First it was corals.  Then peaches.  Then muted blush. And now with Anna Maria Horner’s beautifully saturated fuchsia True Colors? Well, it’s been a slippery slope, but now I’m hooked.  Pink’s becoming a hit around my sewing space, and the timing’s pretty good.

Rachel’s Mosaic Tiles Contest asks fabric adorers to consider a suite of fabrics that represent what pink is to each of us.

I like the idea that pinks can be anything.  They can be saturated or faint. They can be on a grassland or nestled under a sleeping kitty. Geometric. Orderly. Flourishing in a kaleidoscope. Crazy and wild in winding scribbles. Leading a rhinoceros along a path lined with happy bunting.


There are some wonderful fabrics out there right now that celebrate pink! Whether there’s just a smidge peeking out from beneath a zebra’s chest or whether it’s a maiden and peacock depicted wholly in shades of grapefruit tangerine, there is a place for pink just about everywhere… At least that’s what I think about pink!


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