I mentioned before that I had some trouble with my do. Good Stitches courthouse steps blocks. Rachel at Stitched in Color recommended that I try paper piecing them, and she was right! It was so much more fun for me – and my blocks were much more accurate.

Paper Pieced Log Cabin Block

In between getting her suggestion and sitting down at my machine, I tried to find a template online. I couldn’t find any block template larger than 8″, so I decided to make my own.


I wanted to be able to use the 8.5″x11″ blank newsprint that I keep around for paper piecing printing, and I wasn’t sure how I could segment the 11.5″ block to make that work. My solution was not to segment the block (sew in two pieces and join at the end), but to glue two sheets together.

Mouse pads?

My little one thinks log cabin blocks make great mouse pads!

I’ve probably gone a little overboard in my printing instructions – please feel free to leave comments if you use this and find there is something that can be improved!

Download the PDF template*

Template is not a paper piecing tutorial.


  1. Cindy

    Daisy these look great. I love your fabric choices for your log cabins. Seeing these makes me want to replenish my navy fabrics.

  2. Alison

    I did this same thing for a log cabin block that I did for a swap last year. I would probably paper piece everything if it was possible!

  3. Margaret

    Thank you for sharing your template! I am anxious to try paper piecing and am going to try this as soon as (I think) I know what I’m doing! 😉

  4. Elizabeth

    Beautiful blocks! I’m interested to know what it is about paper piecing that allows for accuracy?  

    1. Daisy

      I’m still such a novice, but I’ll do my best to answer this well. (Others chime in please!) When you paper piece, you stitch along lines on a paper, so your seams are absolutely exact. There isn’t the same margin of error that you have that comes from cutting fabric then sewing your own 1/4″ inseam – both of which are sometimes accurate and sometimes a little off.

      1. Elizabeth

        Thank you! It seems to me I hear a lot of quilters shy away from paper piecing?  Why is that?  Is it just annoying to have to tear the paper away?  The only paper piecing I’ve done has been for string blocks and I LOVE it…but I don’t follow any printed lines to make those. 

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