I’ve thought more on the topic of pink.

Pink often gets put in what I think is a narrow category: pretty, girlie, delicate. My first mosaic tried to point out how current fabrics are taking pink beyond that.  The fuchsias can be loud. The lines can be harsh and angled. The subjects can be fierce, like rhinoceroses. Or exotic like zebras and maidens and peacocks.  It can be, and is, a lot of things. Maybe even wild.

My second mosaic tried to capture that more traditional category of pink. I tried to be delicate. Subtle.  Demure.

I failed.

I ended up in a loud, berryful conversation with Anna Maria and Denyse.  I tried so hard to get back to petals and softness and the stereotypical girlie pinks, but they ran away from my searching mouse.

So here you have it. Pink: rich berries, earthy peaches, and a palette that refuses to whisper.

If you missed the link above, check out the details behind Rachel at Stitched in Color’s Mosaic Contest and cruise through all the wonderful fabric mosaics there!


  1. Erin

    I like this one. The pink is so inviting 🙂 I think the first two, with the berry falvour (is flavour the right word… I’m going with it!) are my favourites. And then throguh the soft pasetel-y shades into plummy alost purple-y (some might say “radiantly orchid”) colours. I like! 🙂
    E xx

  2. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    It was a fun contest to see all the mosaics. I tried making one myself the other day – with oranges and greens – very warm and not my usual hot/berry favorites, but I couldn’t get the mosaic maker thing to work : P

  3. Julie

    Pink is so hard to define. I am trying to teach mu almost 12 year old that tomboys can wear pink – that some are not girly/princess pinks but surfy chick sunset tones. Slow progress, but it’s better than camo colours.

  4. Eleanor

    Your exploration of pinks makes me want to take another look at our perceptions of the other colors around us!

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