This quilt likes moving in baby steps.

Technically, it’s my first quilt top. I started this quilt maybe 4 years ago? Maybe 3?  I had big dreams and a little machine, and when it came time to put this top on some batting and quilt it, I wavered.

Botany by Lauren and Jesse Jung

There’s really not much to the story – you’ve all heard this one anyway!  I’ll just say that it’s been moved several times, and I’m relieved that my frustration at the space it takes up in the WIP pile (I did actually sandwich it so it’s been taking up far too much space), has motivated me to force a few more baby steps.

Botany by Lauren and Jesse Jung

Maybe I’ll surprise myself and actually finish it?

Random note: Did you know that Lauren and Jesse Jung always hide a spiderweb somewhere in their fabric lines?  I love that!


  1. Liane

    I love little hidden things in fabric – Tula Pink does some fun stuff with that too. Your quilt is too pretty to ignore! I love the neutrals with the pink and aqua. Very spa-like!

  2. Julie

    My post for WIP is similar to yours. I had a quilt I started at least 5 yrs. ago & got it out to finish it. I’d moved several times, too, though it was within the same house, LOL. Julie @

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