It finally arrived!

I got a package yesterday with the Gypsy Wife pattern and fabric for the first block-of-the-month.


I am in love with the Gypsy Wife quilt. I’m not a big fan of sampler quilts, but the Penny Sampler made me appreciate the kind of samplers that have some variation. I like the mix of small blocks and large blocks and long blocks and square blocks. I like interruptions in sashing that suggest broken lines and jagged placements. I like the unpredictable.

The Gypsy Wife feels just as unpredictable but still a bit different, especially when it comes to fabric choices. I planned and planned my Penny Sampler; some nights my head hurt just trying to juggle and coordinate all of the adjacent blocks and fabric choices. I plan to be a little more free with the Gypsy Wife. She’ll be wild and crazy and constructed with whatever happens to strike my fancy on the day that I assemble the blocks.

I’m new to the block-of-the-month world, but my understanding is that I’ve simply prepaid for some fabric that will show up at my door each month. I may use them for the block as suggested, or I may swap fabric from my own stash to make the blocks. I had the option of selecting from two different color themes. I chose the “Intense” bundle which will include (but of course not be limited to) navy, plum, burgundy, green, cocoa, pops of red and gold, and bone.


I’ll risk being negative and point out that my favorites – navy and green – are lacking.  There’s a plum peaking out from in there, but my first thought when I slid the fabric from the package was, “Really?  Bummer.”

But then I found this.


I’m a huge Laura Gunn fan. I wish I had more of her stuff.

And I’ve been saying for ages that I need more yellows.


So, even though the first month didn’t really knock my socks off as I opened the package, I’m hooked on the low commitment (fat eighths) way to acquire fabrics I never would have selected for myself. And my stash is shelves-deep in navy for when I’m caught up in the moment and have to add a touch of deep blue to my Gypsy Wife chaos.

A few of us got together and started a group on Flickr for Gypsy Wife quilters. This looks like a pretty big commitment for the year, and the group will be a nice place to get encouragement and share tips!

I’m also linking up to Sarah Quilts for this week’s Sunday Stash gathering.


  1. Sarah Schraw

    I think with this quilt you’ll be using such small pieces of so many fabrics that this stack might work better than you think!

    I absolutely cannot wait to see your first block(s)!

  2. Cindy

    I have a hard time with scrappy quilts however, I think this is going to turn out wonderful. I often find when I use fabrics picked out by others I love the results and it pushes me to come up with something out of my comfort zone.

    I look forward to seeing your blocks.

  3. Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket

    I’m so glad that you’re giving this a try. I’ve been eying it for quite a while myself. The cost of the pattern has just kept me from making the commitment. Of course, I have plenty of fabrics in my stash that I would love to put into this quilt. Let me know how you like the actual pattern. If it’s worth the $, I’ll bite.

  4. Wendy Ramos

    I was a little underwhelmed as well, but I do like it. And, it’s nearly the same block as the sugar block club, so I know it will come together easily enough. Looking forward to seeing how yours emerges differently than mine, since I’ll probably stick to what they send me.

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