Couldn’t resist all those b’s in the title.  Had to do it.

I recently took over another spot in the Stash Bee. Someone in Hive 8 needed to back out, and I volunteered to join in and round out the group.

The tutorial wasn’t up for Hive 3 (my original hive) yet, so I tackled the bento box for Anna at the local sew-in on Sunday. I was moving along so quickly that I forgot to press seams open per her request; I’ll be doing one more of these this month. You’re only queen bee for a month and you should get the block  you ask for!  (Along with an extra  side-pressed-seams one that she can make into a pillow if she wants.)

Stash Bee Block - Hive 8 - February

You can find the original tutorial from Ashley at Film in the Fridge along with a great example of what can be created with the bento box design (you quarter this block and mix it in with several other quartered blocks). The specs for this specific block can be found on the Stash Bee blog. My outer edge, the Joel Dewberry fabric, has not been trimmed per the queen’s request, but the block will measure 16.5″ when she does that.


    1. Daisy

      Well, yes you should! It was delightful! Michelle baked muffins and cookies, and the snacks alone would’ve been worth your time. The conversation was even better, and I’m so grateful that Durham lets me join their party every month! I’ll email you next month – even if it means fewer snacks for me. ;)

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