Part of the appeal of the Penny Sampler class was the promise of a merit badge – a little handmade something – for campers that finished the main class project quilt.  It was the perfect motivation for my finish.

This week I had a lovely package waiting for me from Rachel, and I won’t lie – I really hoped that one of her scrappy rainbow bursts was tucked in there.


Stitched in Color's Scrappy Rainbow Burst

I wish she could see the huge grin that spreads across my face each time I look at it in my sewing space.  It’s hard to explain why it resonates with me to the extent that it does – it’s like it whispers urgently, “BE COLORFUL! BE BRIGHT! BE CRAZY!” and I love hearing those words.

Rainbow Burst in my sewing space

So thank you, Rachel.  You are awesome, and even though I’m already behind in the Color class, you are speaking to me everyday! (Until I get carted off to the looney bin for hearing voices.)

Stitched in Color's Scrappy Rainbow Burst

But they ARE lovely voices…


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