This is one of the first quilts I fell in love with.


This a picture taken at my local quilt guild almost three years ago.

I fell hard.  Still not over missing the Anna Maria Horner Good Folks run, but I’m delighted that I now know a little more about quilting and see this pattern is a disappearing nine patch.

Later, I fell in love again with another AMH patchwork quilt I found on Flickr here. This time it was Loulouthi.  I hadn’t missed that boat yet.

I bought a half-yard bundle of Loulouthi, split it into fat quarters, stashed one set and used the other set of fq’s in this quilt top. The squares are 9″ (to minimize waste from the fq but still get two big blocks), and you’re correct if you see the piece of Mind’s Eye from AMH’s Field Study line. I bought two bags of studio scraps from AMH’s shop when they were running a 2 for 1 special, and I was excited when several of them were big enough to use in this top.


I’m still figuring out a quilting plan, but I’m eager to use this quilt – it won’t sit long in the WIP pile. I have a set of modal sheets that my sweetheart hates because they’re too soft and “slippery,”  and I’m jumping at the bit to put one on the back of a quilt just for me.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it’s “against the rules” to put a sheet on the back of a quilt, but as I mentioned in my last post on improv, I’m a jump-in-head-first-read-instructions-later kind of girl. I know that different material types can wear and age at different rates or have different rates of shrinkage, but I can’t imagine it’ll be a huge problem here.  I’ll have to learn the hard way, but if you’ve got your own thoughts on sheets as quilt backs, I’d LOVE to hear them.

Plus, it’s just an easy patchwork. I’m okay if this one wears out after a few years.  AMH will probably have many more new lines between now and then…

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  1. Kim

    There are gorgeous fabrics there in your quilt. All I can say about using a sheet on the back…why not…rules are there to be broken. I must say I love your sewing room, it looks like a lovely place in which to create!!

  2. Paige

    Pretty! I have never tried a sheet as a backing. This is only because when I first learned to quilt 3.5 years ago my quilting class teacher told us not to use them! I hope you’ll post back with how it works out. Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Daisy

      Now I’m DEFINITELY on a mission! A quick search turned up this post by crazymomquilts (a worthy reference point, right?)

      Another discussion is over at filminthefridge’s flick group.

      I’m second-guessing my modal choice as the fabric feels more “knit” than “cotton,” and since the ball-point needle would probably be best with knit-like materials, putting the two together in a quilt – as dreamy as it sounds to me – might not work well…

      Maybe I’ll try it anyway and report back!  It’s only fabric, right?

      1. Daisy

        I should add that the overwhelming feeling on both of those threads was that sheets are okay.  I might be more cautious with an heirloom quilt, but for simple patchwork, I’m going for it!

  3. Julie

    My very first two quilts had sheets on the back – old pure cotton – sort of that heavy weight weave, that had only been used a couple of times. They are still going strong – I figured if they hadn’t shrunk with washing originally, they weren’t going to now.

    Love your quilt and that little sewing nook./shelving area it is in.

  4. Ella

    Heck, I used a fleece blanket.  Didn’t even use a ball needle.  Just pinned the crap outta it.  Love the AMH.

  5. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    I skimmed your comments – I just wanted to add that I think it depends on the weave of the sheet. A friend gave me old sheets of her grandmother’s in the hopes of making an heirloom out of them, but they’re very tightly woven – not like quilting cotton – so I’m worried about quilting them. (I think looser woven sheets wouldn’t be a problem – or at least an entire quilt made from the same weave.) The modal is like jersey, so you’d potentially have needle issues that you wouldn’t with flannel or minky. But if you have a top & bottom bed sheet, why not make a duvet with them? Even just for an old comforter that could now be re-purposed as soft and snuggly for cold nights watching movies on the couch or an extra layer on top of the bedding?

  6. Susan

    The only thing I’ve ever heard about using a sheet for backing is it wash it multiple times before quilting. I have no idea where I heard that or what the reason was (see, i pay good attention). I suspect it is fine. 🙂

    Love those fabrics!

  7. Jan Morrison

    I just made my first ever quilt – a Kaffe Fassett design baby quilt (brick road?). I don’t understand what you are all talking about! Weren’t quilts originally made of leftover bits and pieces? My quilt was made of men’s old shirts, the backing was a curtain. I did buy the batting. I’m going back to the church New To You for another bunch of shirts and skirts for the next one -this time flowery I hope! This is a gorgeous site! 

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