I’ve misplaced my pictures of March’s Intrepid Thread Gypsy Wife fabrics, so this Sunday Stash will cover my recent February stashing.

I’d never ordered from Marmalade Fabrics, but I had it in my mind that I want some of Denyse Schmidt’s deco fans before they’re gone. Anytime I see them in a block or quilt, they catch my attention and refuse to let go – in the good way. Marmalade Fabrics has some. And now I do, too.

Their packages come in beautiful wrapping! I used to pooh-pooh pretty packaging, but I’m starting to come around to the idea that even though it’s short-lived in it’s use, the feel-good effects of nice wrapping can be worthwhile.


Along with the deco fans, I was excited to get a little of AMH’s Hand Drawn Garden Fanfare in Brass. It’s another one that I keep noticing. I’m wary of multi-colored fabrics these days; I seem to use so many more of the single-colored, but I have a few projects coming up where I might take some flashy bright fabrics and surround them with low-volume goodies. This will be perfect for that.


I went ahead and ordered some yardage of these Botanics from Carolyn Freidlander which are already in several gypsy wife blocks that I put together today.


This low volume fat quarter bundle looked nice. The substitutions are alright, but I’ll probably not order bundles anymore that have the disclaimer that substitutions can be made without notice.


There were three substitutions in the Around the Color Wheel low volume print bundles. I can’t find them on the website in the ATCW section, so they must have decided to take them down. I’d say three substitutions is too many for a six-fabric bundle, but it’s still AWESOME fabric. And I was desperate for some of the Comma Periods. (Or is that a look-alike?  I don’t care!  It works for me.)


My favorite of this bundle is this sampler piece which I never would have picked out myself. The text is so subtle that I think it can work in as a background, but the quotes are touching and can probably be featured if a situation calls for something with a few words of wisdom. Maybe a paper-pieced teapot? Maybe a quilted greeting card?


Even though I only sewed a few pinwheel blocks for the Gypsy Wife this weekend, I did put fabric away and get better organized. I had a bundle of V & Co.’s Simply Style and a bundle of Botanics that needed to get worked into my fq stash.


Top row: Solids, multi-colored, AMH Loulouthi and Zen Chic Comma.
Middle Row: reds & oranges, yellows & greens, blues
Bottom Row: neutral low volume, low volume with color, purples & browns & treys & blacks

So, to summarize, Marmalade Fabrics has some great stuff, and I’m so glad I got my deco fans (if anyone has any in blue to spare, I’ll take it!). I’m in the middle of the road on substitutions for bundles – can be alright, but I like seeing what I buy first, even if it’s on the internet. I’ll definitely go back to Marmalade for yardage though!

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  1. Julie

    I think it is a pity more fabric shops don’t wrap their fabric nicely. Often when buying fabric it is a treat/gift to ourselves and so nice to see it treated as one. Love your purchases and your stash.

  2. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    Lovely fabrics, and I agree about substitution – one print, sure, but half the bundle? You did end up with a nice selection, though. I have mixed feelings about packaging; I love the look, but as someone who militantly polices the use of paper products in my own home (I’m only half joking with that language – I think my husband would underscore “militant” because I’m pretty hardcore about it), I just don’t see the point sometimes. I love a good selvage bow and a store label, but I can pass on tissue and wrapping. Can’t wait to see how your Gypsy Wife blocks are coming along – I love that pattern and it’s been fun seeing everyone’s take on it across blogland! : )

  3. Erin

    I love when my fabric arrives. It is a highlight for my week. And when it is fabric that is chucked in a box willy billy and all folded and scrunched it is such a let down. I tend not to like the fabric as much, just because it’s presented so poorly. I don’t need it to be super gift wrapped, but folded neatly in a plastic sleeve or tied with a ribbon or selvedge… Definitely worth doing.
    I’m against substitutions. I buy based on what is in the photo/description. I don’t want random others unless they got one too many orders and ran out of one of the fabrics. 3? That tells me they should take a new photo for their site. Still, looks like a nice bundle, but I’d be nightly about missing the ones I had actually picked.
    E xx

  4. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    I can’t handle the idea of substitutions, myself. They might substitute something for my favorite fabric in the bundle, and then I would be disappointed, even though it was a nice fabric! But, I do think you got a great bunch of fabrics. The multicolor print you indulged in is one of my favs! Oh, and I’d say that is the real deal in Comma dots. Looks delish!

  5. Alisa@ A Stitch in Between

    I love pretty packaging! Like Christmas everytime you open a package. I’m not sure how to feel about fabric substitutions, but I don’t think i like the idea very much. Sometimes I chose a bundle for the particular fabric or shade, if they change it without warning me the chances that it will not suit my project might rise! ON another hand I like being surprised 🙂 Your fabric cabinet is to die for!! Thanks for linking your Sunday Stash with me this week. 

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