Are you doing the Gypsy Wife Quilt?

These little pinwheels were bite-sized portions of fun.


There were a couple of reasons I stuck with the pinwheel design instead of moving the HST’s around to a different configuration – both have to do with movement. When I look at the quilt as a whole, like in this version here, the pinwheel design draws my attention into the quilt on those spots.

Also, I like the spinning feel of the pinwheel, and I wanted to be sure that spinning movement is included in the variety of blocks that I add to the quilt. So the pinwheels stayed pinwheels for me, but people are doing some wonderful things to shake up this design and make it their own – check out all the ways Sarah arranged hers; they’re beautiful!


I almost moved on to the border stage without trimming my squares, and I’m so glad I didn’t skip that step. To be sure I trimmed the correct amount from the correct places, I placed my ruler on my seam at 2 1/4″ since the block ends up being 4.5″ unfinished. (Divide the finished block size in half.) I trimmed from either side and then turned my ruler to the perpendicular seam. My blocks came out nice and even. Happiness!


I’ve been doing a lot of bee blocks lately, and I’m getting much better at pressing seams open. I tried two blocks with all seams open, and I tried two blocks where I pressed the two rows to opposite sides.


Left: seams pressed to the side on the two rows to create a “lock” on the last seam, which is then pressed open.
Right: all seams pressed open

This is a little difficult for me to explain, but I preferred pressing one set of seams to the side so I could “lock” my rows together on the last seam and get a tight alignment of the points in the center. I then pressed that last seam open to reduce bulk.


This last pinwheel is my favorite. I just love those deco fans, and I thought it was a lovely compliment to that AMH Loulouthi. I’ve forgotten what that mustard print is – it came with the Intrepid Thread block of the month Gypsy Wife fabric which I’m trying to use as often as possible in these filler blocks.

If you’re not on board with the Gypsy Wife, it’s not too late. There are over a hundred people in the flickr group, so you’ll have a great cheering section if you take her on!


  1. nicole - aka snips ;)

    Love, love, love your pinwheels!! I’m getting ready to start pulling fabrics for mine and have been debating on keeping them true pinwheels or mixing things up. I think after seeing yours i may just have to keep them proper pinwheels!

    1. Daisy

      Thanks, Nicole! The best part about this quilt along has been seeing the variations in design and fabric choices – I pull so much inspiration from the flickr group, and I’m tickled to think that my blocks provided some inspiration to someone else. I’ll be excited to see your pinwheels when you’re done!

  2. Julie

    I am loving what I am seeing you make fore this quilt – my sister and I were talking about maybe trying this next year.

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