This Gypsy Wife block made me nervous, but once I started, it came together without too many headaches.


I’m a little sheepish posting this picture since I didn’t trim the dog ears left when I attached the last round of triangles – nor did I iron it after shoving it in a bag for a few days. But you’ll excuse me, right?

Michelle over at Factotum of Arts has some good tips on construction, and I found this post at Riddle and Whimsy to be a HUGE help.  I was halfway through piecing the D +E segments when I realized there’d be no way to protect the D triangle points (which are the points on the light turquoise pearl bracelet triangles at the outer edge).  A little unpicking was necessary and definitely worthwhile in the end.

If you’re interested in joining the Gypsy parade, here’s some information on Michelle’s site and here’s a link to the flickr group!


  1. Joanna @ Riddle and {Whimsy}

    I’m so glad I could help with my tutorial! 🙂 It’s a shame the pattern isn’t indepth enough though. (What do people do without the internet?). I love your block, especially the corsage print on the outside. The colour really brings the whole block together!

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  3. Kim S.

    Your links were so helpful. I was really struggling with those triangle strips, and when I saw your links with tutorials on how to sew the triangles together, it saved me from hours of frustration! Thanks so much! 

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