This evening I returned home from an epic road-trip around Alabama where I forced my husband to ride for five days in a minivan with his in-laws and our child – all to see my extended family and the homesteads of my parents’ parents.

This edition of Sunday Stash will be short. And maybe a little whiney.

I signed up for Intrepid Thread’s Block of the month based on their blog post here. Look at those blues! See those refreshing greens! Marvel at the plummy purples and cool burgundies!

The Intrepid Thread says that the Intense BOM version (pictured above) “May Include (but is probably not limited to): Navy, Plum, Burgundy, Green, Cocoa, Pops of Red and Gold, Bone.”

Here is last month’s shipment, lovingly wrapped and mailed right to my doorstep.


Yikes! What happened?!?! Month number two and, just like month number one, those “pops of red and gold” are exploding like an out-of-control pan of Jiffy Pop.


And where is all this black coming from?  There are many quilters who love black, but I know that many of us love our color too much to lend space to black in our quilts. If Intrepid had said we’d receive bundles of red, gold, black, with pops of blue and green, I would have thought, “Oh, I’m sure that will be lovely, but I’ll probably just do my own thing.”

This last image shows the fabric that Intrepid Thread intends for the many vertical strips in the Gypsy Wife.  They’re wisely including it in each month’s package instead of shipping it at the end to keep shipping costs manageable.


The Intrepid Thread flickr group has tons of blocks where people added their own fabric and mixed up the Intrepid plan to suit their own preferences – as a newbie BOM participant, I find this exciting and refreshing!  I’m also really excited to acquire fabrics that I wouldn’t otherwise reach for.

But, throw me a bone next month, please?  This girl would appreciate some blues and greens and purply plums that I wouldn’t otherwise reach for, too!

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  1. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    Oh, yikes that is MUCH more yellow than the inspiration pic, Daisy! I don’t blame you for being surprised. I hope maybe you have a few stashed pieces you can work in to tone it around? (See what I did there? lol)

  2. Natasha

    I love this pattern and would have also gone for the intense bundle. I also shy away from blacks but perhaps once cut and in small doses they will add the toted ‘pop’ to the quilt? Or swap them out for what you love. 

  3. Jessica

    I feel you on this one, I too am in this BOM and I too choose Intense because that photo screamed “that’s me” I did address this in the flickr group (I’m jessijessibobessi) if you’d like to read her response. I also feel at the price I paid I’m not happy pulling fabrics from my own stash.


    I’m with you, I would have been a little disappointed with that last bundle. Those blues and purples of the previous picture are just too gorgeous. I hope it gets better. It’s a little scary being at the mercy of someone Else’s fabric choices.

  5. hydeeann

    you’ve put it all very nicely, indeed! those two photos are quite different color palettes. hope you get something more to your liking next month.

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