This finish feels a little anticlimactic.

I started these wall hangings at the beginning of January. Bee blocks and the gypsy wife have taken center stage since then, but I finished this so quickly today that I regret not having buckled down to finish it sooner.

This wall hanging is a gift for a friend who does SO much.  When a baby is born in our community, she knits a hat. When someone heads to Central America on an aid trip, she buys a load of toothbrushes to send with them. When a family of five (including a brand new baby) comes down with two cases of pneumonia, she delivers dinner.  And, this is all just in the last week.

Holly does a lot. And she likes Charley Harper, so I hope this makes her day when I deliver it tomorrow – she deserves it!  She picked out the cardinal from the set of pictures I sent her of all the improv pieces I was working on.


Holly said she’s going to put this on a wall next to a print, and I felt like a bound quilt wouldn’t really sit well next to a framed print.

Michelle over Factotum of Arts made these framed quilt blocks as Christmas presents, and I thought they were absolutely lovely. (Her pictures are good, but I can vouch that the framed blocks look even better in person).  I had an Ikea frame hanging around, and with a little more improv piecing, my wall hanging fit nicely into the space.


So, even though this finish didn’t take near as much effort as I expected, it’s done! Now I’ve got to get back to bee blocks – the month’s almost over!

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  1. Erin

    Daisy this is beautiful. And such a lovely gift for someone who gives so much. Those people are such blessings to our communities and it is so easy to forget that they need a little love and recognition too. I am sure that Holly will have the perfect spoke for this little cardinal and that when she sees him she will knwo how much her hard work is appreciated.
    Good on you, for being such a lovly friend too!. Exx

  2. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Wow, it looks really great framed like that! Looks like you had planned to do so from the beginning, the way the inner black frame coordinates so well and the red fabric is like a matte. Worked out so well!

  3. Natasha

    What a wonderful thing to create for someone who does so much for others! WOW! I always feel blessed just knowing people like that! I love the black frame, it adds even more to an already beautiful piece.

  4. Jess @One English Teacher

    I love the framed block! In my mind, I’ve toyed around with what a framed block would look like, so I’m glad to see the idea executed. Now I’m really going to want to do that. Maybe if I get to set up a new sewing room…

  5. Holly

    I was the recipient of this BEAUTIFUL gift! As deserving for the piece of art that it is, I’ve displayed prominently on a wall in the main room of my house! The colors and Charley Harper prints just make me SO HAPPY!

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