Leonie is queen of Stash Bee’s Hive 8 this month, and she requested a square-in-square + 9 patch block (follow link and scroll down for the tutorial).  At first glance, I wondered what on earth she was up to, but after seeing how these blocks come together at the end of the tutorial, I’m so impressed!  It’s a great look!


I wanted to make two blocks to send, but I neglected to trim the first square inside the bigger square to 4 3/4″on the blocks below.  Now, if I trim the total square-in-square portion of the block, I’ll trim too close to the points and they’ll disappear in my seam allowance. Leonie said this trimming step was really important.  She even bolded it. Sometimes I think my brain only works about 2% of the time.


I’m out of time to resew, but I’ll pop them in the mail anyway.  She might want the 9-patches or she might decide to squeeze a smaller seam allowance and use the square-in-square parts anyway.


  1. Erin

    That is such a lovely block. I would never have pictured these two blocks together but it really works! I think the finished quilt will be pretty stunning.
    E xx

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