Rachel at Stitched in Color requested traditional blocks for this month’s do.Good Stitches Love Circle. Her instructions said no wonky, no improv, no curves.  Other than that, we each were to pick our own block design.  The color suggestions were cool greens, pinks, and teals, a little yellow, and maybe red? Rachel shared her plan to have lots of negative space, and though she didn’t say that her negative space would be low-volume, some of her inspiration quilts suggested  that might be something she’ll consider.

I always struggled on those art projects where the teacher gives an open-ended assignment.  Is it terrible to say that I feel much more creative when I have more constraints? Sounds uninspiring.

I’m also revealing that Rachel will probably always feel like my teacher. I’ve taken two classes from her now, and I’m hooked.  She’s amazing!  It’s intimidating to be sending her a block this month.

I knew I’d be a little short on time in March, so I wanted to pick just one block that I felt would be a worthy contribution.  My search for “traditional quilt blocks” lead me to the Connemara block over on McCall’s website.

do.Good Stitches block for March. Color scheme is cool greens, cool pinks, teal blues, red, and little yellow. Not sure how much I like my red/pink combo, but I think it'll work with the other blocks. #dogoodstitches #lovecircle

Late night in progress instagram

I don’t know much about Connemara, other than it’s a district in the western part of Ireland – of which the internet has some stunning pictures.  I can’t find a story about the quilt block itself, but I’m still searching.

In the meantime, I’ll get this in the mail to you, Rachel, ASAP.  So sorry it’s late!


I did struggle with the center.  Several people have successfully combined pink and red, but I couldn’t quite anything I was completely confident using. I considered yellow in the center, but in the end, I just stuck with the pink/red, and I hope it works when combined with the others!


  1. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    I love the pink/red center. I have those fabrics and would definitely pair them up =). I had been saving this post to read at a good time, which kind of worked out since I actually opened the package from you today BEFORE reading the post. It was instant love! Thanks, Daisy =)

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