Have you ever visited Throw a Wrench in the Works? I met Ella during the Penny Sampler Class over at Stitched in Color, and I have to admit, sometimes her blog makes me feel lazy.  Okay, her blog always makes me feel lazy.  She does so much!  Have you seen her finish along lists?  Not just so much, but so much beautiful stuff.  I love her color and pattern choices, and everything looks so lovely when she’s done.

Not too long ago, Ella mentioned that she adopts orphan blocks and puts them to good use.  My first though was that THIS is going to be the answer for the random things that I keep holding. The things that I’m just not excited about any more.  The things that I can’t throw away because… well… it’s fabric… And we quilters just don’t do that.

So I packed a package on Friday to go out in the mail with my bee blocks.


There are some Joel Dewberry strip blocks, random hearts, an even more random foundation pieced carrot, more JD blocks, blue with metallic shape fabric pieces, and an unfinished owl… wall hanging? placemat?

Oh, and yes, I said carrot.


There’s also stack of black, white, and red blocks. I started a quilt for someone, and I was put off by both my lack of improv skill as well as the friend who commented, “Oh, that’s for so-and-so? Those are not her colors.” Shelved that project two years ago.

Even if Ella thinks, “Daisy’s a crazy pants,” there are big pieces of Kona Black that could be useful for something… And everything but the blue metallic shaped fabric is quilt-shop quality.

Ella, do with it what you will.  My orphans thank you.  If nothing else, they got to see the light of day one more time.

What does this have to do with stashing? Well, my sewing space will be shrinking soon, and I now have more space for things I will actually use.  If you have a similar problem and need some help letting go of old projects that you’re not sure if you’ll finish, head over to see Ella and see if she’ll give out her address again! (hopefully this random package from me won’t deter her!)

As a kind of another random note, I found that Natasha on Rickrack and Ribbons through the Sunday Stash link up.  Natasha got a few charm packs of Oh Deer, and I offered her a half yard of what I thought was Oh Deer (oops! It’s Wonderland!) in return for some surprises from her stash.  Her package already arrived, so I’m REALLY hoping she’s okay that this isn’t Oh Deer!


I haven’t opened the package yet. I have a goal of finishing two aeroplane bags this week, and part of my reward is going to be to open this little beauty. I can already see so much fun through the tissue wrapping!


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  1. Ella

    Heh.  I actually put out a second call for blocks (these have specific color needs) on flickr last night.  I’m gonna be a charity mule!

  2. Natasha

    My package arrived yesterday and I love it!!! Thanks so much. I have to admit it was pretty fun seeing my name in ‘lights’ or as a blog title, same thing I think! It is fantastic that Ella will take and use your orphan blocks, they are really beautiful.

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