It’s not Sunday, but I’m posting pics of new stash anyway. It’s a Monday here… and I’ve made a big mistake with my Gypsy Wife quilt. That mistake’s waiting for another post. For now, I’m all about more positive things: that means happy mail!

Sarah from Sarah Quilts posted two bundles of Anna Maria Horner on Instagram’s #thegreatfabricdestash.  I pulled a few things from my stash, offered her a trade, and giggled with glee when she accepted. I’m doing a little bit of hoarding/gathering with AMH, but one of these days I really will start that fat crosses quilt that’s been on my list.

Instagram Trade

Assorted AMH fat quarters and scraps

Sometimes I wonder if it’s weird or showy to post pictures of the fabric I collect, but I’ve had a couple of instances where seeing non-quilt shop photos really helped me make a decision about what I wanted to buy. There are things that the local quilt shops don’t carry, and sometimes you just have to shop without having seen something in person.

My desire for some Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen fell into this category. I wanted to shop at Pink Chalk Fabrics because they carry both Aurifil (I’m out of 2024) AND Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen, but I wasn’t sure how the different linen colors compared to one another – especially indigo and black. I found this bundle at an Etsy shop, and this bundle on a Sunday Stash post over at Badlands Quilts.

Neither of those pictures compared black to indigo, and, sadly, I won’t be able to either. Black is out of stock at Pink Chalk Fabrics. But, I can say I’m satisfied with indigo, and I’ll add a picture to the vast abyss of the internet in case it helps someone else out in the future.

Pink Chalk Purchase

Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Steel, Olive, and Indigo

Oh, and I loved shopping at Pink Chalk. They seemed to take every opportunity to tell me how much they appreciated my business, and I appreciate this assortment of Aurifil – it’s a perfect kit of basics.

Here’s  to Happy Mail on a now-much-happier Monday!


  1. Sarah Schraw

    I definitely love looking at photos of fabric! I’m glad you like the bundle(s) I sent, and that is such a great Aurifil pack. No as glamorous as some of the others but very useful. I actually use my black all the time. It’s almost gone.

  2. Rachel at Stitched in Color

    Oooh, what good stashings today! I bought that same basics pack from Aurifil. Great selection of colors for quilting! Those pretties by AMH steal the show though. Wow, they are so beautiful! I’ve just been looking at her new collection (available in May) that’s posted to Hawthorne Thread’s site!

  3. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    I was so bummed to not jump on the great sale PC had recently in regard to Aurifil  – all the basics were sold out before I got there. But looks like you have an awesome set to work with – what a great selection of neutrals, Daisy!

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