Tami over at Sea Me Sparkle calls these 16 Patches, and I’m pretty sure her name is the right name. But, my husband is a big handyman, and over the weekend I’ve gotten a chuckle out of saying 4×4’s in my head – and thinking of him saying, “I need to head to Lowe’s for some 4×4’s.”  Or 2×4’s. Or 2×10’s. These are my 4×4’s.


I’m a pregnant woman chasing a toddler, so I chuckle when I can.


I want to say that you should be intentional when you are sewing the final four strips together.  I just grabbed two, sewed them together, sewed the other two together, and expected the two sets of two to be able to join correctly with the checkerboard pattern intact.  That didn’t happen.  I had to unpick a row, swap sides, and resew in order to maintain the every-other kind of pattern.  Not a big deal, but placement does matter.


If you’re interested in making some of these blocks, Tami spells it out nicely for you over on the Stash Bee blog.  You can learn about my new Stash Bee Hive 8 friend there as you scroll down to read her tutorial.


I’m embarrassed how unfocused this photo is, but I’m including since I accidentally deleted the focused one. It was my favorite block of the three!

I used Anna Maria Horner Field Study and LouLouthi for the floral prints. The yellow hatch compliment is from Carolyn Friedlander, and I originally thought the fuchsia one was, too, but after a quick search, I don’t think she put one out in that color. I’m also not sure what the turquoise houndstooth is as it came in a bundle and has no selvedge.



  1. Sarah @ Berry Barn Designs

    Your blurry block is my favorite of the three, too, Daisy! And congrats!! I didn’t know you were pregnant – how exciting – and yes, it’s so different with a toddler around, so good to chuckle when you can : )

  2. Shauna

    love them, I have these blocks on my bucket list.  I think they are simple, but look so elegant when pieced together.

  3. Hydeeann

    Beautiful 4×4’s Daisy! Love them. And thanks for the reminder to be intentional when sewing. I make that mistake too often. 

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