My transition to summer has been bumpy.  Do you ever have those moments when you think, “This means I’m a grown up?”

It could be anything, and it’s often changing.  Lately, for me, it’s been, “Less free time in the summer means I’m a grown up.”  Or maybe it just means I have a kid and no preschool.

Umbrella Print Pouch WIP

Either way, these Umbrella Prints have soothed my soul this week.  I haven’t been able to do much with them, and they were intended for entry into the Umbrella Prints Competition.  I’m letting go of a few self-imposed deadlines and soaking up the joy I find in the patterns and colors of these prints; I love how they all look so different yet seem to sing when together in improv.

Umbrella Print Pouch WIP

These two 7″ x 9″ pouch sides are from one pack of trimmings.   I used a little to cover the ends of my zipper (not pictured) and had two small pieces around 1.5″x2″ left over. There’s a mix of linen weight and quilting cotton, so I did use a generous seam allowance ; I won’t wash a pouch like I would a quilt, but I’ve heard bigger seam allowances are good for preventing fraying when piecing with linen.  I might dab some fray check on there before I move on with my pouch assembly.

If there’s still time, I’m linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced with the other Works in Progress for this week.


  1. Erica

    Mmm…summer…it’s tough being an “adult” when that means staying inside at work while the sun is shining down gloriously out of doors! I love your beautiful, creative response to the transition; gorgeous fabrics and a great way to use them. I hope you will post a photo of your finished project, when done.

    1. Kristyn

      You are so right about having to stay inside and work instead of spending hours by the pool- sometimes being an adult sucks!

  2. Sarah

    I think that every time my car dies. 😀  Growing up, I never had summer off – at first we had all year round school, then it job, extra classes, house chores….I think I have more free time now! I love what you’re doing with your Umbrella Prints, and removing that deadline. Sometimes sewing for a deadline removes all the joy, and you need joy especially when you’re feeling like an adult!!!

  3. Beth

    I tell my daughters that when they tell me how lucky I am that I’m a grown up and can do whatever I want – what?!!?!?!  Those fabrics/colors are gorgeous together!

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