Ever since I saw my friend Lauren’s pouches and purses at one of our local sewing bees, I’ve been inspired to make more. She’s over on Instagram as peanutbutter_turtle, and though I couldn’t link directly to it, scroll through her awesome feed to March 25 for one of her purses where she uses leather.

I want to make some things with leather.

My first try wasn’t entirely a success, but it wasn’t a failure either. I’m still processing my lessons learned, and I hope to have some tricks besides the obvious in a later post when I try again (besides the obvious advice of use a leather needle and sew slowly).

Purple Pouch 1

I started with a little simple patchwork.

Purple Pouch 2

I quilted some lines on the patchwork and Soft and Stable. I love Soft and Stable, but I probably won’t use it on something this small again unless there’s a good reason to use it. True to it’s name, it adds wonderful stability and heft while being soft, but it was too much for a tiny pouch.

Purple Pouch 3

I added some leather and lightly pressed my seam open – this was a challenge with the bulk of the Soft and Stable and the leather, but it seemed like the best way to proceed. I may try something else next time.

Purple Pouch FI

I added the zipper and sewed the sides just like usual – but this time with a leather needle. The corners are pretty rounded; I did clip them, but this was a good as I could get.

Purple Pouch 4

I was surprised that my biggest flaws turned up in the top part of the pouch. I would have though that the leather would be the most troublesome. This could be a construction error or some stretching that occurred when I tried to turn so much bulk through a tiny zipper. (Notice I’m omitting the zipper size? You’ll think I was crazy for trying something so silly and small… Okay, it was probably about 4″? Maybe 4.5″? TOO small.)

Purple Pouch 5

It’s so small you can’t even photograph the insides. I had to pull them out to prove they’re there. But it’s a finish! It may not hold much, but for those nights when I only need two quarters, a credit card, and a stick of gum, this little cutie will be coming with me!

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  1. jess

    Nice job! Zippers and leather! (I’m afraid of zippers too) they are such cute pouches and sometimes you only need a stick of gum and a credit card. I don’t know what you’d do with two quarters though 😉

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